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Transform your brand with targeted, experiential social campaigns, and watch as user actions build an interactive roadmap for successful retargeting and ROI.

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Featured Success Story

Starwood Hotels

Learn how Starwood Hotels combined multiple apps from The Blueye Hub to offer its members direct incentive to create a personal Travel Wish.

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Facebook Preferred Marketing Partner

Open Graph Experts

Blueye is one of only 5 PMD’s with ADS and APPS qualifications, for building applications and managing advertising campaigns. We are recognized as one of the leading experts in Open Graph technology.

Why Open Graph

Know Exactly What’s Going On

Have an Application?

Utilize the full power of The Blueye Hub by plugging our Mobile SDK or connecting our Web API to track any action or behavior to find out what’s working, what’s not, and how to make the experience even better.

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What We Do

When it comes to the social, online, or application experience, we’re passionate to the point of obsession. Our team of creatives—engineers, strategists and user-experience designers—built our proprietary platform – The Blueye Hub to enhance your applications and social programs and power your media and ad retargeting campaigns , driving your biggest fans to become loyal advocates, yielding a far greater return on investment for you. We can tell you everything there is to know about your audience and how to engage them.

How We Do It


Build Experiences that Last

We work with our partners to define performance-driven metrics for social programs that consumers will find engaging and relevant. We hit the whiteboard to create a road map for the ideal user experience that is viral in nature and brings you (the marketer) actionable insights into customer behavior.


Know Advocates

We provide the tools to identify and segment your most valuable customers based on behavioral data and insights, such as demographics, activity, and purchase intent.


You have to Give to Get

Strengthen customer relationships by offering personalized incentives, targeted promotions, rewards and recognition - which in turn encourages loyal behavior and positive impact on future customers.


Right Person, Right Time, Right Message

We leverage our proprietary retargeting platform to drive the highest conversions among the most relevant audience. Utilizing behavioral insights, advertisers can segment audiences and deploy tactical campaign messaging for increased relevance and yield performance.


Tie it Back to KPIs

Blueye works with you to define KPIs for your campaign or program. We apply strategy, and utilize technology to measure the success of Loyalty HUB initiatives, tying results directly to ROI. Building a Loyalty HUB ensures you can measure goals such as: Increase of Customer Retention, Customer Database growth, Engagement and Sales.

Our Clients

Starwood Hotels

Starwood inspired users to create their travel wish on Starwood's promotional microsite. The Blueye Hub powered the experience and gave users the ability to select the type of vacation they were interested in taking, such as 'Sun & Surf', 'Majestic Mountains', etc. When a user completed their wish, it published a story into their Facebook Timeline, Ticker and Newsfeed about where they wanted to go, who they wanted to go with, and what they wanted to do. This picture included a picture of which property they wanted to go to and a link so others could view their wish. The power of this story into Facebook's Open Graph yielded a 1-to-1 viral co-efficient, meaning each story that was published referred 1 new user to the My Travel Wish experience.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign is a national fund raising initiative with millions of dollars donated each year to aid needy families, seniors, and the homeless. The Salvation Army wanted to leverage the power of social sharing to increase viral referrals of donations to the Red Kettle Campaign. Using The Blueye Hub, Salvation Army allowed users to donate within Facebook. The application in Facebook gave users the ability to view and share informational videos about Salvation Army causes, make donations, track donations across the country on an interactive map and track their influence. Blueye was able to generate traffic to the application with marketplace Facebook ad units by targeting people most likely to support the Salvation Army & donate. Also, Blueye is able to sponsor stories to all of the friends of people who have donated, encouraging their friends to donate as well.

PODS Moving & Storage

PODS Moving and Storage provides unique benefits for people who need to move or store their belongings for their home or business. The company's greatest goal in leveraging Facebook has been to reach consumers who are likely to move in the next 6 months with a message cycle of awareness, decisions and conversion. Utilizing Facebook's robust targeting and incentivizing users to save 10% by starting their quote on Facebook, we were able to provide incremental bookings to PODS.

CorePower Yoga

Corepower's primary goal was to acquire new customers by offering a "One Free Week of Yoga" trial, to be distributed through social media. Using The Blueye Hub's Interactive Map application, Corepower enable users to locate studios on a branded map, which included relevant details such as address, description, photos and friends who live nearby. Users had the option to select a friend on the map and dynamically generate for them a PDF coupon providing one free week of yoga; if redeemed, the referrer received a $5 credit in their account. This referral lowered Corepower's effective CPA of a social media free week download by 50%

Build Experiences that Customers will LOVE

  • Customer engagement is about building experiences that are relevant and personalized to your users.
  • Blueye helps create dynamic applications that encourage customers to engage and incentivizes them be long-term patrons.
  • Our unique audience builder allows you to engage with your customers intelligently and specifically.
  • All of of the applications we build are viral in nature and allow brands to collect behavioral customer data for later retargeting.

Drive success with relevant ads

  • Blueye’s Remarketing Platform can segment audiences and deploy tactical campaign messaging for increased relevance and conversion.
  • Our strategic media planning includes targeted ads that incorporate highly effictive audience segmentation and creative customization.
  • By creating ads associated to action-level data, messages are relevant and kept timely. Focus the right message on the right people
  • Once an ad campaign is launched, Blueye allows for real-time optimization according to key performance indicators.
  • Targeted ad campaigns that are updated in real-time will lower overall cost per action, drive qualified leads and gather further user insight on your most valuable customers.

Integrated Solutions for Web, Mobile & Social

  • With our flexible API and mobile SDK, you can integrate your third mobile applications, analytics, CRM, customer databases, social accounts and POS to The Blueye Hub.
  • We believe that Multi-Channel solutions enable organizations to provide users with the most relevant and rewarding experience and leverage the power of data in your advertising and marketing services.
  • Mobile experiences are built in HTML5 and leverage Responsive Design, and/or can be built native, from the ground up.
  • We will conduct a social audit of your website, online applications and mobile features to provide thorough recommendations based on your brand's social goals.

Collect user data for retargeting campaigns

  • Applications built using Facebook Open Graph gather user data that includes age, geography, relationship status, workplace, likes, connection to other brands and more. Integrate with our web API or mobile SDK and get even more by tracking any behavior that user undertakes.
  • Based on relevant user data, your ads can be organized into target group and ad group libraries, ensuring that the right people see the right message.
  • With Blueye's user-friendly, data-driven ad creation, you can literally create hundreds of custom ads in minutes.