Why Open Graph?

We engage with your most influential customers and understand their behavior. By leveraging Facebook’s Open Graph you can access information on individual users and how they are connected to the people, places and objects most meaningful to them.

Now, users can do more than "Like" your brand. With Open Graph, you can model user interactions based on custom actions and objects. Following every user interaction with a published story, deeply integrated into the user's social network and experience - offering a foundation to build loyalty through referrals - and turn likes into “LOVE”.

How Open Graph Really Works

When to use open graph...


Our applications aren't built with a shelf life, because they're more than a campaign element. Instead, we develop experiences according to your brand's loyalty marketing objectives.

Prove ROI

Know what your customers are worth and how to influence their purchase decisions. With our expertise using Open Graph and action targeting, we can improve your ROI by offering real-time optimization according to Open Graph user insights that offer customer data at the most qualified level of ‘intent’.

Why we Love Open Graph

It Creates Stories Worth Sponsoring

When friends interact with Facebook Pages, apps or events that a business has paid to highlight, we see evidence of their interactions in our newsfeed and ticker. If John visits a bookstore app and adds a book to his reading wish list, his close friends will see the sponsored story that reads, "John has added 'This Book' to his library of books to read".

It Collects Data for Behavioral Retargeting

As users interact with your Page or application, Open Graph gathers comprehensive data about the individual, including their likes, habits, online actions, photos, friend interactions and connections to other brands. Plus, Blueye gathers additional data to reveal how much time users spend with your Page or application and what actions they take while there

Learn how Open Graph can help you take action on consumer behavior.

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